Q&A with Zoe Bradley

How has the show developed since the R&D?

Since last working on the piece earlier this year, I have seen major changes through the development in which it has been very positive and super productive! During the shows first stage of creation, I felt we devised a really exciting starting pointer a piece but I felt we had lots of room to delve deeper into the story of Kiko and the discover more about the other characters.

Starting the project in September, this time we began with more of a focus on the shows narrative and establishing a real world for Kiko (the main character) to live in. I could tell from the first day that Josh, Natalie and Simon had spent a lot of time devising an incredibly strong, fun and imaginative script the children and adults will connect to. Everything about the show has grown in so many ways; the fact we have more stage set to play with brings a whole new level of dynamic and structure throughout the piece. It really does feel magical to perform and invite the audiences in to interact with us as performers!

What has the process been like for you?

The process for me has been a significant part of my dance career and development as a professional artist! I feel very privileged to say I have been working with Hawk Dance Theatre and The Knotted Project within this creation. Both companies have challenged my skills in so many ways, I’ve gained much more colour to add to my pallet as an artist!

I think I have always had a fear of working with text on stage, or learning a script because Ive never had to do that before and have always avoided it during my training. During this process, the techniques and delivery of guiding me how to cope with text has played a big part in me feeling comfortable in the studio. Nat and Simon have been great with throwing warm up games and challenges along the way to help me with building my confidence with my voice and text – keeping it uplifting and fun.  Josh has really helped me gain a different way of devising movement and connecting it to a characters persona and how they would physicalise that movement or emotion.

I would say from this process I feel stronger, much more diverse and an all rounded artist.

What has been your favourite part so far?

Playing with characters has been one of the most enjoyable parts of this process! The working environment has been very productive, fun and joyous. We have been working hard but also have been honest and created an atmosphere where we can be ourselves in the studio.

I’ve also never worked with as many props and large amount of stage set before. This has been very challenging but the show wouldn’t be what it is without them – that’s the magic of it! For me this time around the stage set really sets Kiko’s world and I cannot wait to see the children interact and experience our journey.

What are you most excited about as the show enters this new phase?

I’m most excited about getting it on the road on our Spring 2018 tour and interacting with the audiences, for me that is what the piece is all about!


-Zoe Bradley (Performer)



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