Behind the scenes…

The last few months have been all go at The Chit Chat Chalk Show HQ! We finishing our fantastic schools tour in September, and got some brilliant feedback from the young people and teachers. We had loads of fun performing the show and getting the children to play such an active role and get stuck in!

The children at each primary school then took part in workshops after the performance, exploring the different themes and emotions that they saw in the show. The children had a brilliant time physicalising all the feelings that Kiko experiences, as well as having some really important conversations about emotional resilience and the importance of sharing our feelings.

We hope the show has a really positive impact on young children and empowers them to talk about their emotions and understand that it’s ok to not always understand how you feel.

In October, we had the brilliant experience of our first public performance of the show at York Theatre Royal’s Take Over festival; a festival created by and designed for young people. We performed in the studio theatre with an amazing audience who got stuck in and really helped Kiko on her journey. We had loads of fun in the workshop afterwards with some inspiring children with loads of creativity!

The feedback from the audience and venue was fantastic and it’s really got us excited for our next stage of touring in Spring!

Here is a lovely quote from an audience member at York Theatre Royal-

“I think that all kids this age range should see your show! Developing kids emotional intelligence is hard in daily life. Seeing feelings embodied and expressed in the magical and safe place of the theatre is so empowering for little ones! It’s so important that they know all feelings are acceptable and valid, even the uncomfortable ones, and I feel your show spread that message so well.” Parent- Audience member

Through November and December, we have been busy organising vans, booking accomodation and arranging marketing ahead of our Spring tour. We have two further weeks of rehearsal in January and then hit the road from January 27th with our premier Spring tour performance at Z-Arts in Manchester, one of our supporting partners.

See our TOUR DATES here- and we hope to see you there to get chalky!!!!

Natalie – Director

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